Slowly Getting Back on Track

Day 265 in my journey to Mickey

My plan for today was to shower and write our bills for this pay period. Done and done. 

My systems are slowly starting to work again and I can tell you, that first bowel movement is pretty great after 3 days without one. 😃. TMI, right?  

I seem to have picked up asthma or something as I recover. Although an x-ray did show that I have COPD now. I’ll have to talk to my doc about an inhaler. It’s scary when I get overtired and even though I’m taking breaths, it doesn’t seem like the air is getting in.   Once I sit down and relax it gets better.  The shower really pooped me out. 

Now I’m off to nap and to dream about our trip to Walt Disney Workd on October 13.  Sweet dreams of Old Key West, here I come. 

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: Thanks for the cards and kind thoughts. It’s been lovely to be on the receiving end. I tear up every time. Human kindness does that to me. Love to you all, dear readers. 


3 thoughts on “Slowly Getting Back on Track”

  1. Yes…Maria has COPD…she was really panting at one point, but her new doctor prescribed meds which increased her airway…she is doing “oiling” also which helps. Hang in there, lots of prayer support on this end!!! 

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