Day 264 in rambling toward Mickey

Mike is our chief cook and bottle washer for the next week or so.  He is so up to the task.  He made us steak and salad last night as a celebration that surgery is behind me. Tonight spaghetti with whole wheat noodles and fresh veg. He made me eggs for breakfast. I am feeling pretty pampered.

I am extremely sore today but that is expected. The pain Meds help a lot.  I keep reminding myself that I am ecstatic to  be this far down the road.

My plan for today was to take my gauze pads and tape off of my 7 wounds. Took them off and sure enough, I have some blisters from the tape.  They immediately broke and leaked. Kinda gross!  Glad the tape is off.

Sorry this is so random.  I’ll try to get it together better tomorrow.

Shout out to Bro Gene, Patsy, Dan, Regina, Annabelle and Sophia.  Thinking of you guys at DisneyWorld, and it’s making me smile.



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