Feeling Truly Blessed

Day 266 in my moves toward Mickey

Today’s plan was to try to back off the Narco (a heavy pain narcotic) and to switch to regular Motrin from the 600 ml version. So far so good. Using regular Motrin and Tylenol so far today. But taking it pretty easy too. 

I had a wonderful visit from my friend  and coworker Chris. She brought me a very pretty planter and a decaf skinny vanilla latte from Starbuck’s.  So good!

So very grateful to God for his promise of strength to face what comes. And for friends and family who are holding me up in prayer. Feeling very blessed tonight, dear readers. 

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: My bro and sister-in-love are sending me a Magic Kingdom Starbuck’s mug. Tee hee (I’m giggling like a school girl!). Thanks, Geno and Pats!!  xxoo💓


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