Day 230 in my preparations to get healthier to meet up with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom in October (6 months and 17 days to go)

Today my plan is to tie up some loose ends:

  1. Quick Taco Skillet Casserole–I promised to tell you what I thought of this recipe.  Mike and I really liked it.  It easily made enough for two dinners for the two of us, so we’re having the leftovers tonight.  It is basically glorified Spanish Rice.  But it does use quick brown rice and no added spices, so it didn’t shoot my blood sugar level up.  That is always a win!
  2. Thinking about and planning for our new kitty.  My friend Joan has two cats that fight something fierce.  Mike and I have agreed to give Mary Ann a  home with us, so by this weekend we will have a fuzzy friend living with us.  Pretty excited about that one!
  3. Organize a few more things for the Women’s Retreat (Cafe Chocolat) at our church next month.  I want to get as much ready as possible before my surgery.  (See #4 below)
  4. I see my oncologist tomorrow.  Hopefully after that meeting we can get my surgery scheduled.  The sooner that part is behind me, the better.  Talk about doing something to improve my health, right?  I’m pretty sure my health will improve dramatically when they cut out the cancer!  BTW: I wonder how much a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries weigh…instant weight loss.  😉  However, I do NOT recommend this type of weight loss!  Honestly, People, if I can’t laugh about this whole thing, then I’ll just cry all the time.  I like laughing much better!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


6 thoughts on “Preparing…”

  1. The saying goes, ” The devil is in the details” but I say, our God is in all and through all”, and He is guiding all of the details for and through you my dear friend!
    I love your attention to the details and allowing us to share as prayer and praise warriors for you…..
    Besides, I’m always hungry after I read about what’s for dinner!!! 🙂
    Love you,

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