Docs, Docs and More Docs

Day 231 in my wandering toward my Mickey meet-up.

Today’s plan to pursue better health was to see Dr. Elena Diaz, a gynecological oncologist.  I feel much better after seeing her.

She told me that we won’t know the stage of the cancer until surgery.  But there are three phases to the biopsy that I had.  1 is least number of cancer cells present.  2 is more cancer cells present.  3 is most cancer cells present.  My biopsy was a 2.

I will be scheduled for surgery in the next 30 days.  I should receive a call by Tuesday telling me when the surgery is to be.  I will have the surgery at Evanston Hospital (where the robot is located), and if all goes well, I will just spend one night in the hospital.  Before surgery I have to see my primary care physician for a physical to make sure I am healthy enough for surgery.  And I will have a ct scan to make sure everything looks OK.

I am so ready for the surgery.  I will just breathe easier when the cancer is out of me.   “To cut is to heal,” my dear friend Wayne says.  I believe it in this case.

Well, I’m off to pamper myself and think on more pleasant things for the rest of the day.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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