Today’s Good News

Day 214 in my dance toward meeting up with Mickey

My plan for today was to go for my post-bloodwork check.  So I did.  And the general news was good.

Blood Glucose A1C=6.1

Blood Pressure= 126/84

My doctor was thrilled with those results and with the 40 pound loss since she last saw me.  Seriously, my numbers haven’t been that good in more than 5 years.  That is exciting news.  Apparently I do much better when I cut out sugar, eat more vegetables, move more and embrace life more.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Shout out to my sister-friend Joan.  She came through her knee replacement surgery with flying colors this morning.  Yay!



3 thoughts on “Today’s Good News”

  1. Hurray for you!! The health benefits are the best part. And Joan, if you’re reading this, hurray for you too. Glad that part is over.


  2. Good for you Donna, those labs are great. See paying off, isn’t it. Say Hi to Joan and tell her we send her our love and gets up again soon. Tell her I know it is rough but put all the strength she has in those painful exercises afterward. tt

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