Staying on Track

Day 213 in my staying the course to meet up with Mickey

Today’s plan was to stay the course.  Make the best choices possible in my eating and move as much as possible at work.

Rather than sitting at my desk, while food was loaded into a van at work for delivery to a homeless shelter, I got up and helped bag the groceries and load them onto their carts.  Then someone else showed up to finish helping to load the van.   I also made sure to get up and walk every hour or so at work, so I wasn’t seated at my desk for the entire seven and a half hours.

Tonight I’ll have some of my homemade pea soup, with whole grain bread and fresh veggies on the side.

Not a very exciting post today, but this is my real world, and sometimes it’s quite boring.  I don’t really mind boring.  I am not a drama junkie, so I like a general lack of drama.  For today, it’s all good.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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