Active Duty

Day 206 in my efforts to move more before I meet Mickey

Today I dug in hard physically at work.  There were tables and chairs in the narthex (narthex=the entry area of the church) that needed to be taken down and moved.  So after our staff meeting I went down and bulled around tables and chairs with two other women.  (It was a pleasure to work with you today, Debbie and Melodi!)  Then I went back to the office and put away 10 reams of paper from a box, so I could take the empty box back into the narthex and fill it with some of the fabric kits that were assembled yesterday.  (Fabric Kits contain fabric and thread that is sent to third world countries.)

Plus I made sure to walk around as much as possible today.  And I have to get up and get out of the house again tonight after dinner to go back to the church for a committee meeting.

It’s one of the days…rush, rush, rush.  but it’s nice to have the energy to do it!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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