February Payday

Day 187 in my journey to meet up with Mickey

Six months ago I began this pilgrimage to better health so I can enjoy our Walt Disney World vacation in October of this year.  (8 months and 2 days to go!)  Today was once again payday; it was time to step on the scale.  I am only weighing myself once a month, because although I do want to lose weight, I mostly want to live a healthier lifestyle period.  Things have slowed way down this month.  I chalk it up to:

  1. winter (I’ve been told that from Stone-Age times we are programmed to hold on to our fat in the winter months, which means I’m hoping for more progress in spring/summer/autumn months)
  2. 59 years of age
  3. my body adjusting to a completely different lifestyle
  4. my difficulty walking because of my sore toe

Even with all of that working against me, I lost another pound this month.  (I took a pound of butter out of the refrigerator to see what that feels like, and frankly, I’m glad this month’s pound is gone.)  So now I’m down 38 pounds.  I’ll take it.  I do feel a lot better than I did 6 months ago.  Even if I am making SLOW progress, it’s still progress, right?

Meet you at the Kingdom!




8 thoughts on “February Payday”

  1. Progress is progress! It doesn’t really matter what the speed is – it’s all about the direction. You’re right about winter. Nature tells us to eat to protect us from the cold and the motivation to get outside and move is totally lacking!

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  2. You get a gold star for telling yourself the truth today, Donna! Great idea to check out that pound of butter…. Can you even picture carrying around those 38 lbs in a grocery bag full of butter everyday, all day? That’s real progress.
    Yay for you! Love you.

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