Saying Yes

Day 162 in my inner ponderings as I make my way to Mickey

Today’s plan is to say, “YES.”  Tonight Mike and I will go to visit with some very dear friends of ours.  I love my “home time,” so I tend to say no to invitations.  But not today.  Today I say, “YES!”  I think that I have refused invitations in the past because of fears.  Fear of what the invitation will require: will I be up for this physically?  Fear of spending time away from home; my controlled environment.  Fear of having to “perform” or be the bubbly, happy, extroverted Donna: when in reality I am the controlling, reserved, shy, introverted Donna.  (Even I can hardly stand how narcissistic this sounds!)

But today, I say, “YES!”  Yes to visiting, Yes to life!  And most of all, Yes to Jesus and what he would have this day be for me.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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