Winter Wonderland Woes

Day 152 in my trek to meeting Mickey

Today’s plan was to batten down the hatches and make it through this impossibly wintry day.  The temperatures this morning were subzero with wind-chills in the ridiculous range.  Then it warmed up to above zero at about noonish so the snow could begin.  At 2:30, my boss said to go home before the weather got any worse.  So I drove through whiteout conditions on ice covered roads.  I literally inched my way home  To quote a cartoon that I saw on Facebook this morning, “My face hurts.  Why do I live in a place that makes my face hurt?”  I know there has to be something wrong with being so crazed about driving in this weather.  It points to a lack of faith…or…is it common sense?

Anyway I made it through, and I am home.  I can heat up some roasted red pepper and beef soup for dinner with a nice crunchy bread.  And then just because we have them, I will boil us each (Mike and I) a Vollwerth’s natural casing hot dog or two.  Oh, yeah, we are comforting eating tonight.  Plus we’ll have plenty of fresh veggies to compliment the meal.

Jarvi, out.   Meet you at the Kingdom!


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