Practicing New Behaviors

Day 119 in my pilgrimage to party with Mickey

Today was all about changing past patterns.  We had our Annual Women of St. James Cookie Exchange today.  Usually that meant chipping in something that was easy, like coffee cake or juice.  arriving late, leaving early, and piling cookies in a box to take home.  Then once again at home I would put the cookies in the freezer with the best intentions of leaving them there until Christmas Eve.  Then I would proceed to nibble away at them until there were hardly any left for Christmas Eve.

Today I got up early to cook 96 mini-quiches to bring along.  I arrived at the church early.  I volunteered to share a story book with the ladies.  I helped to plate cookies for the bake sale tomorrow benefitting a local food pantry.  Then I left for home with no cookies.  I decided the best way to not eat a bunch of cookies this year, is to not have them in the house.  We are going away for Christmas this year, so no need to serve up Christmas cookies here on Christmas Eve.

I did, however, come home with a box of oranges from the high school band fruit sale.  I think I’ll go and enjoy one right now.  Have a lovely day, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


4 thoughts on “Practicing New Behaviors”

  1. Just love starting my day with your blog. Sorry I missed your quiches at the annual cookie exchange! So proud of your choices, Donna. Keep up the great work.

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  2. I am not baking this yr either. First time for me too. Way to go! Go for blood work tomorrow and then see Wayne on Thurs for a sugar check up. Seem to be doing good when I do the acu-checks!!

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