Rewarding Manuel Labor

Day 93 in making my way to a healthier me to meet up with Mickey

My plan for today is to help to load up the food for the PADS program at work/church.  PADS is a non-profit organization that provides temporary shelter for the homeless.  Once a month our church, St. James, takes on the task of providing the dinner meal, along with food for breakfast and a sack lunch the next day to a PADS site.  Today is PADS day, so I will:

  1. roll the cart with the non-perishables, out to our volunteer’s minivan
  2. unload the non-perishables
  3. roll the cart back through the building to the kitchen
  4. load up the perishables from the refrigerator and freezer
  5. roll the cart out to our volunteer’s minivan…again
  6. unload the perishables into the minivan
  7. give the volunteer a hug.

I like the idea of being helpful, rather than sitting at my desk and typing while she does all the heavy lifting.  It’s good to have some energy to be able to help.  Thank you, Lord, for nutritious foods, and thank you for the ability to be moving more!

Meet you at the Kingdom!



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