Evidence of More Energy

Day 92 in my run to rendezvous with Mickey

Wow!  I can hardly believe I’ve been at this for 92 days now.  What an interesting and rewarding quest this has been so far.

My plan for today was to go to church and worship the God who loves me.  I am so-o-o grateful for Jesus.  And for a Father who would sacrifice his Son for me (for us!)  And for the Spirit who dwells here among us in this world that can be so difficult to live in.  So, I went to church this morning, sought forgiveness for my daily sins, sang praises and experienced the peace that passes understanding.  Thank you, Lord!

Mike and I have played/sung in church for the last six weeks.  Here’s the rundown:

  1. October 5–we played with Damascus Road at our home church St. James
  2. October 12–we played with our bestest besties, the Carlson family, at their home church in Ishpeming, MI.
  3. October 19–Damascus Road again
  4. October 26–we were asked to provide special music at the early service at St. James on Reformation Sunday (We did Paul Baloche’s Mighty Fortress–fantastic song!)
  5. November 2–Damascus Road again
  6. November 9 (today)–Damascus Road again

Whew!  I’m tired just thinking about it.  92 days ago, I would never have agreed to play 6 weeks in a row.  92 days ago I wouldn’t have had the energy to get through it.  I am so grateful to be 92 days in!

After church today we went out to breakfast with Jake (our son), Eliza (our daughter-in-law) and some of her family.  It was such a lovely time together!  Feeling blessed!

Then we went to Sam’s Club to shop and I spent 2 hours walking and shopping and in motion.  I am whipped, but 92 days ago I wouldn’t have had the energy to do it.  So I am going to snooze in front of the TV for a while now.

Meet you at the Kingdom, dear readers!


3 thoughts on “Evidence of More Energy”

  1. Wow, 92 days, you go girl! I meant to get back to you about joining the workout center. If you are looking to join for the walking benefits, especially with the winter coming, I get that. I suggest a daily pass (at Lake Bluff it is $5/$6 a day for the track or $100 for 10 passes for the facility for awhile to see if you’ll really want to get dressed, go over there and use it. If you use up those passes, then join. My opinion. Let us know what you do! Love ya.

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    1. Finally found your post, Cathy. I will try the daily pass first. The thing I like about Lake Bluff Heath and Fitness is it’s right on my way home from work. I can just swing in before I completely lose my steam at the end of the day. Also with the sprung track, it will be a bit easier on my joints. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I love you, too, my dear sister in Christ. And I miss you so much!!! I hope all is well there.


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