My Crush on Bill Curtis

Day 91 in my waltz toward the land of Walt and my favorite mouse Mickey My plan for today is to take a walk.  We are going to the local high school for a 4:00 pm event put on as a fundraiser for the local historical society.  The event will feature a Q & A with Bill Curtis and his lovely wife Donna La Pietra.  Now those of you who have lived in Chicagoland for long enough will remember that Bill was the anchor of the channel 2 news for a while.  My personal favorite anchor ever.  And Donna was the producer of their broadcast.  They have worked together ever since and have produced some amazing in-depth programming. I kind of hope to redeem myself by remaining cool, calm and collected.  When Mike (my main man) had some of his pieces featured in an art show at Navy Pier, Mike’s boss threw a lovely dinner event in his honor.  Bill Curtis was one of the attendees.  He came over to our table to chat with Mike.  He said, “Hello, I’m Bill Curtis.”  I could have been so cool and acted above this situation.  But being me,  I blurted out, “Yeah, you are!”  Then I promptly turned 50 shades of…red! So today I will remain a safe distance away from Bill and Donna.  And I will reign in my “groupie” tendencies.  🙂 Then when we get back to the farm, I will walk home…in the dark…in the cold…just because I can. Meet you at the Kingdom! BTW: I’ve decided to walk outside until it gets too icy to manage.  Then Lake Bluff Health and Fitness, here I come.


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