My Alternative Lifestyle

Day 90 in my disco-dance to Disney and my buddy Mickey

Today my plan was to get stuff done, and not to just sit in my chair all day watching Hallmark Christmas movies and napping off and on.  So, here’s what I did.

  1. I called a loan officer and straightened out an auto-payment that was messed up.
  2. I straightened out the two slacks drawers in my dresser.  I put away my summer shorts and trousers.  I rehung and reorganized some of my tops.  By the time I was finished, I had a huge sack of clothes to give away to Good Will.
  3. I reorganized my bazoo drawer.  (If you can’t figure out what that is, you’ll have to ask Jean Carlson or Laura Elliot.  🙂
  4. I reworked a song for Damascus Road (the contemporary band that I play in at church).  I changed the key and simplified the arrangement on “Let Justice Flow Like a River”, a song we’ll do at worship this Sunday.
  5. I finally cleared the clutter off of my refrigerator.  Some of that stuff had been there for as long as I can remember….Yeesh!
  6. I prepared a nutritious dinner for my man, Mike.  (Note to Maria-I know he’s really God’s man…but I kinda love the guy!)  We’re having “Souper Chicken” from the cookbook  “Recipes to Lower Your Fat Thermostat.”

I figure, any activity is better than no activity, right?  And hopefully I’m building back some stamina and even some muscle.  It’s been a great day and I look forward to spending the evening with my honey…probably watching Christmas movies on Hallmark.  🙂  Or maybe we’ll watch “Maleficent.”

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Recipe: In a nonstick pan stir 2 cups of uncooked brown rice, 1 cup of chopped mushrooms and 4 cups of vegetable/chicken broth/ bouillon.  (It depends on if you prefer veggie or chicken flavor & if you prefer broth or bouillon.)  Lay 6 pieces of skinless, boneless chicken breasts in the pan on top of the mixture.  Sprinkle one envelope of onion soup mix on top.  Cover with foil.  Cook at 350 degrees for one and a half hours.  It smells go-o-o-o-od in here!


4 thoughts on “My Alternative Lifestyle”

  1. Oh.
    You are the funniest gal I know. So proud to hear our wacky vernacular coming out of your mouth, pen , keyboard ?!!?
    Bazoo indeed :-/. Autocorrect says bazooka! Either way, good job Donna.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What better activity than to purge out closets, drawers, and tops of refrigerators and get rid of stuff! Sounds like an extremely productive day!


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