Efforts to Unearth the Past

Day 67 in my amble toward a meeting with my favorite mouse

Yesterday was interesting.  I did remain sugar-free.  Yippee!  And I looked for a dance tape that I have from years back.  Yup, straight up VHS.  It’s from a program called “The Neuropsychology of Weight Control” by SyberVision Systems.  The program was really good, and talked about the “glycemic index” long before I had heard it anywhere else.  It suggested a cookbook called “Recipes to Lower Your Fat Thermostat” by LaRene Gaunt which I have used often in the last 20 years.  And it came with an exercise VHS with a really pleasant woman, who talked you through several levels: beginner, intermediate and hard core.  I CANNOT remember the name of the tape.  ARGH!  But she even counted down one time in Finnish, the language of half my peeps.  So cool…and motivational!

So today’s plan is to continue the search for my awesome VHS cardio workout.  And to remain sugar-free.  And to make the best choices I can today.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: My goals for yesterday were accomplished.  And I did a 15 minute McDonald’s cardio workout DVD for the dance portion of my workout, followed by a five minute cool down walk.  I still miss Emi, but it’s good to get back to the routine of work and daily life.


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