Fun and Dandy Decision Day

Day 57 in my journey to meet the Mouse at the Magic Kingdom

Today’s plan is a fun one.  Mike, Jake, Emi, Eliza and I will sit down and make decisions about the trip to Walt Disney World.  We’ll decide which parks we will visit on which days.  And we’ll decide what three Fastpass+ attractions to choose for each park.  And we’ll decide where to make our lunch reservations each day.  It sounds quick and easy, but it takes much discussion and some give and take. For instance: some will definitely want to Fastpass+ Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror.  Me?  Not so much.  Some may want Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast (Yes, please!).  Others?  No way.  It will be a delightful mix of yup, nope, yup, nope, yup, nope.

A special shout out today to Jake Jarvi (Son) and Caleb Carlson (Godson)!  Happy birthday you two wonderful people!!  I hope you both have a perfectly lovely day filled with family and celebration.

Blessings to you, dear readers, on this the Sabbath.  Meet you at the Kingdom!



4 thoughts on “Fun and Dandy Decision Day”

  1. Hope your day was all you planned. We sure enjoyed the day with our bday boy! He may even come back next weekend to see you and your family.
    By the way, I’m with you for Cinderella’s Table….
    Onward Donna, one day closer.


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