Sunday Sauntering

Day 36 in my marathon to meet Mickey

Today Mike, Jake and I played/sang with Damascus Road, the contemporary band at St. James.  It is always such a blessing.  You know how they say that if you love your work then it never feels like work?  That’s my job as director of Damascus Road.  It’s so much more a blessing than a job.  I was bathed in the love of Christ and truly felt precious in his sight this morning.  He is healing the self-loathing that I talked about awhile back.   Slowly…but surely.

My plan for today was to decide on this week’s menu and then to shop for the ingredients.  Check and check.  I’m trying a new recipe for skinny chicken fried rice this week.  I’ll let you know what we think.

Now for an afternoon nap.  Then Jake and Eliza come over tonight and Eliza is making dinner for us: black bean stuffed red peppers.  I’m so excited that I’m doing an imitation of Pavlov’s proverbial dog.  🙂

God bless your Sunday, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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