Lovely Lake Bluff Lingering

Day 35 in my march to meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

My plan for today was to take a 20 minute walk.  However, here is what actually happened.

I got a call this morning from Wayne, a dear brother and friend.  We chatted about this blog and then firmed up some plans for this October.  It was a delightful way to start my Saturday.  Talking with the Best Man from our wedding and thinking of him, his amazing wife and their lovely family.  *happy sigh*

Then I went to breakfast at the Full Moon.  While I was there I im-ed with my dear sis-in-law.  There I learned of the death of another sis-in-law’s sister.  This is out of the blue, as she died from an aneurism.  So sad! My heart goes out to Judy and Howard.

Then although I LOVE the Full Moon for breakfast, their coffee is not-so-good.  So my next stop was our local drive-through Starbucks.   I ordered my coffee, but when I got to the window to pick it up there was a wasp hanging out there.  So I went inside to pick up my skinny caramel latte.  What a lovely surprise awaited me there: Jake and Eliza were there just ordering some coffee.  I had a short, sweet visit with them, and then I was on my way.

Next stop: I parked in front of Inovasi (a local eatery in town).  Now if you’ve been to Lake Bluff, then you know what a pretty, little, Norman Rockwellian (to quote my cousin Terry) place it is.  What better place to take an afternoon stroll?  I walked to Viola, a favorite local shop and picked up a 60044 bag.  Then I walked to Peg Ann & Co., another favorite local shop and picked up a couple of t-shirts.  Then I gathered up my bags and started walking.  I walked a block past the library to 4th of July corner, so named because we watch the 4th of July parade from there. Then I crossed the street and walked to the post office.  Then I crossed the road and walked back to my car.  Now you may be thinking that that is not a very far walk.  And maybe it’s not very far…for you.  But for me, who has been majoring in the five minute walk, it was far.  I was very out of breath and a bit shaky by the time I got back to the car.  And, here’s the great part, I was out there walking and shopping for 30 minutes!!  I can’t tell you the last time I was on my feet for 30 minutes.  Having just come through a year of sedentary depression, I know it’s been longer than that year.

I feel like Rocky must have felt when he made it to the top of those stairs!  🙂  Victorious!  Thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy entry.  Love all y’all!  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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