Half Is Enough

Day 20 in my quest to waltz in Walt’s World

My initial thought for today was to take a walk at Crab Tree Farm., push as far as I possibly could, then walk back home.  Well, it’s a 90 degree heat index and it’s humid, so…no.

I had a lovely morning having a mani/pedi with my bestie.  Then we had a healthy, organic meal out, and we both took half home for tomorrow.  (Wild Berry rules!)

So that was the plan for today: I only ate half of my scrumptious omelet.  I boxed up the rest for another day.

And I will prepare a healthy low-sugar meal for dinner tonight.  Maybe Peanut Chicken.  Maybe Chicken Stir-fry.

Thank you for reading, dear Donna supporters!

BTW: The baked meatballs were amazing!  I highly recommend “Hole in the Wall” pasta sauce.  It has no added sugar.  When I actually looked at the recipe, I decided to go with whole wheat capellini instead of the potatoes.  So delicious!



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