To Market, to Market…

Day 8

OK, to finished the title “to buy a fat pig, home again , home again, riggety-jig”  I promise I won’t buy a fat pig there.  🙂

I have been a student of nutrition for 40-some years.  I’ve studied fats, sugars, carbs in general, the power of protein, etc., etc…  So I was delighted yesterday when I researched for low-sugar and no added sugar recipes to come across some very helpful websites.  I especially like (Chicken Ropa Vieja) and (Skinny Tortillaless Chicken Poblano Enchiladas).  Seriously, I’m so excited!

So here’s today’s plan:

I am going grocery shopping by myself, and I am going to fill my cart with healthy, nutritious foods.  Then  I will come home and put away all of those groceries by myself.  My menu is planned for the week.  My pantry has room for the new groceries.

I have not gone on a big grocery shopping trip by myself in a while.  Mike and I usually go on Sunday and pick up our week’s worth of food.  It will be a big physical undertaking for me.

BTW: The ingredients on food products are listed by weight, not volume.

See you at the Kingdom.


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