Recipes for Success

“Welcome home.”  These are the words that greet us as we check in at Old Key West, our timeshare (sort of) at Walt Disney World.  This morning I long for those words.  I’m a little sore, a little tired, a little uninspired; however, I am not discouraged.  I chalk it up to coming down off of my long-term sugar high.  I am low-energy today.  So I will be gentle with myself.

When I spoke with my health coach last Thursday, we came up with two goals for the next three weeks.

  1. For every hour that I sit, I will get up and move for 5 minutes.
  2. I will research and prepare new sugar-free recipes for dinner for Mike and I.

Yesterday I accomplished # 1 and will continue in that vein today.

Today here’s the plan: I will research sugar-free recipes online and find 4 new recipes.  I will print them.  I will prepare a grocery list to shop for needed items tomorrow.  AND I will cull some of the UNhealthy, sugary food from my pantry.  (I ate most of it before I started all of this last Monday.)  🙂  But I still have some cereal and bread where sugar is the second or third ingredient listed.  Since the ingredients are listed by volume (or is it weight?  I’ll look that up.), I want sugar no higher than four on that list.

It’s been a busy work week, dear readers, both at the office and at home, so let’s be gentle on ourselves today and do something fun.

Meet you at the Kingdom.



4 thoughts on “Recipes for Success”

  1. Donna – you inspire me! I have been going along, as usual, without any real goals and just coasting. I need to regain some enthusiasm and I think you just gave me a boot in the rear. Keep up the good work, my darling, and let’s keep moving on! Love you!!!!!

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