Grunt Work

Hiya Donna supporters and Disney fans,

Here we are on Day 3.  I did manage to remain Sugar-free yesterday, and I have the headache to prove it.  🙂  Now I aim to get through today and the rest of this week….wait, nope, I have to just think about today.  I can stay sugar-free today.

Today’s getting ready for Disney deed is pure, unadultered grunt work.  They put new windows in my office at work yesterday, so it looked as though a mini-tornado had ripped through the room.  Today I grunted my file cabinet back into place, I groaned and pushed my desk back into place, I carried everything back to my desk and arranged it in working fashion.  I am woman; hear me roar!  🙂

Tonight Mike (my husband) and I will move all of the contemporary band stuff out of the sanctuary at church, because they will clean and seal the floor on Monday.  It might not be cardio, but I can tell you, my heart will be beating overtime tonight.  It will be a good muscle workout, too.  And that, my friends, will be plenty for today.

See you at the Kingdom.


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