Going Sugar-Free

Hiya, Disney-hipsters and Donna supporters,

Day 2 here I come.  I faced the music this morning and stepped on the scale for the first time in many months.  Woo!  Talk about shock.  I’ve heard it said that the truth hurts.  I believe it!  However, I need a baseline to begin from.  I won’t step on the scale for another month.  My changes are not so much about the scale, as about how I feel.

Today’s change is going sugar-free.  I am blessed to have a support program through my insurance.  It’s a Mayo Clinic program under the umbrella of Portico Benefit Services.  I have signed up for a 2014 Wellness Activity.  It is appropriately titled “Break a Habit: Go Sugar-Free.”  Here’s what they say about it: “Eliminate foods with more than a tiny amount of added sugar–desserts, condiments, sweetened drinks, etc.  If you want something sweet, eat fresh fruit.  WHY?  Refined sugar has calories but no nutritional value.  Yet it’s increasingly part of the American diet and a contributor to the increase in obesity.”

Really?  In my mind it’s the largest level in the food pyramid.  🙂  Just kidding, but it truly is my biggest addition.

Here’s the plan:

  1. I will go sugar-free today.
  2. I will go sugar-free for one week.
  3. I will go sugar-free for four more weeks.

Hopefully by then, it will be out of my system.  then I’ll choose another Habit to make or break.  Help me Jesus!

See you at the Kingdom.


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