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Waiting for Weight

I heard on one of the doctor TV shows last week that a study shows that it is a good idea to weigh yourself every day. Apparently this way you keep honest with yourself about your eating habits and your exercise regime. I think this is a great idea for those who are at or near their healthy weight.

However, for those of us who are big girls (boys), it may not be the very best idea. Case in point, I have been scared straight (no disrespect to the Scared Straight program) by my last visit to my family physician and by my recent diagnosis of diabetes. So a week ago today, I began paying very close attention to the variety of healthy foods that I am eating and especially to the portions of said food. I bought a Fitbit Alta HR which let’s me know by vibrating on my wrist, when I’ve been sitting too long. So to make a long story short (I know, too late. ūüėČ My habits have changed drastically for the better.

Because I heard that it would be good to weigh myself every day, I did so.  First five day? Down, down, down more than ten pounds, which may give you an idea of how very much I have to lose. News flash: well over 100 pounds to get to a healthy weight.

Yesterday, my weight stayed the same. Today I am up six tenths of a pound. Now my usual reaction to a gain has been to say, “Well, crap, what use is it to even try!” Then I would go to the nearest sweets outlet and gorge on cakes and candies. Since I have been scared straight, that is no longer an option. Now I am faced with a conundrum. Do I keep weighing myself every day, and find a new coping mechanism for dealing with temporary weight gains? Or do I weigh myself less often, weekly or monthly, so I’m not faced with that possible problem daily? I’d really like to check in with friend Wayno. He is a family physician/general practitioner (I don’t know the difference.) I might just have to give him a jingle this week. If I do, I’ll let you know what he thinks. In the meantime, please weigh in (excuse the pun, with a nod to Linda Vallier who tickles us everyday on Facebook with a new pun) with your weighing habits. Every day? Or somewhat less often?

Thank you faithful Readers! It means a lot that you read these.

Donna¬†¬†¬†¬† PS: Thank you to my son Jake and daughter-in-love Eliza for the iPhone accessories for early Mother’s Day. How fun! A personal fan that connects to my phone, which is gonna be so great in church this summer and a karaoke mic that works with my phone. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I already sent my daughter Emi and grandbaby Ida a video of me singing Happy Little Working Song from the movie Everlasting. This thing is a blast!


Me Little English Mum…

Day 275 in making my way back to you, Mick(ey)!

Happy Mother’s Day, Dear Readers! ¬†Whether you are the mother of strapping boys or pretty girls or strapping girls or pretty boys or fuzzy four legged babies, or anything else, I wish you a Happy Day!

For those of you who lost your mom early on, or whose moms weren’t there for you in some way, this can be a painful reminder of what you don’t or never had and for that I do commiserate. ¬†So I want to talk about the moms in my life:

  1. Mom-Elizabeth May (Peggy) Heath Taskila–She was always a warm body to cuddle with. ¬†She always had a hug and a kiss for me, good times and bad. ¬†She was, for her children, an example of what unconditional love looked like. ¬†It made it all the easier to believe that God could love me unconditionally, too. ¬†Mom was always in our corner, going to battle (often with Dad) for us, and she was our biggest fan and cheerleader. ¬†It didn’t matter where we stood in the pecking order, she was FOR us.
  2. My Sister-in-Loves–Trudy and Patsy–they have been sister, mother and friend at times, and I love them dearly! ¬†Thx, Sisses!
  3. My Friend Extraordinaire Joan–she has been friend, sister and mother to me. ¬†I couldn’t have lived so far from my family for all of these years (about 30) without her.
  4. My High School Chorus Teacher–Miss Trolla–She so believed in me, long before I knew I had any self-worth at all. ¬†She taught me how to sing and gave me a foundation that has served me well as I direct the Contemporary Band at our church in worship. ¬†She never married and had no children of her own, so she made of us her children, and she wasn’t afraid to put us in our places when we strayed too far. ¬†She was the BEST of coaches, and an example of a strong, independent women!
  5. My Aunties–Phyllis, Violet, Yvonne, Ruth, Alice, Annie, Verna, Helmi, Viola, Vivian, Josie (hope I didn’t forget anyone)–always willing to engage in conversation and throw in a hug to boot.
  6. My Mother-in-Love–Estella Oja Jarvi ¬†You taught me so much about being a mom and being a welcoming hostess. ¬†We’re thinking of you today. ¬†Thank you for helping me to raise two amazing people!
  7. My Bestest Friend Jean (friend, sister, and mother when I needed one)–I’ve learned so much about being a mother from watching you. ¬†To me you are the picture of a Christian mother, and I know you learned it from your mom. ¬†Here’s to bread and butter on a sunny summer day. ¬†Love you, my friend!

Thank you, to all of you, for making me know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am loved, and thank you all for letting me love you, too.

So dear readers, I pray you have a blessed day wherever you are.  Remember to take some time with the Creator, the Mother and Father of us all.