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Pushing Through My Pain and Getting It Done!

Day 257 in muscling my way to meeting up with my pal Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

Today’s plan was to set up the room for the Cafe Chocolat retreat this Saturday.  I set up six tables (4 round and 2 long), 5 chairs at each table.  Then I covered them with tablecloths.

Thank you, Lord, for Pat who is making the coffee and hot water for cocoa and tea, putting out water pitchers for the ladies, and making the centerpieces for the tables.  I seriously had a couple of nightmares about making these centerpieces.  Pat is a lifesaver!  Major mischief managed!

I was sweaty and wiped-out after setting up the room, but at the same time I felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  It always feels good to get active and bull some stuff around.  🙂

That’s it for today, Dear Readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: Thank you to my sweet Emi for sending me Method Mickey Mouse Foaming Wash!  What a treat to come home yesterday and find 2 bottles there waiting for me.  Love you to the moon and back Emi-Bean!  And of course James, too! You made my day!