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Once Upon a Time

Today I sang at a friend’s funeral. This particular friend was a Lutheran pastor and then later he was a bishop. When he retired, he continued to work tirelessly where needed. His was truly a life well lived, and I know when he arrived in heaven, he heard the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” from the King of kings. This was the most joyous funeral that I’ve ever attended, a real celebration of a beloved man.  It was a privilege and an honor to be part of it.

Once upon a time there was a man named Ken who believed God and loved people…

We prepared 17 separate pieces of music for the service. By the time the service was over nearly two hours later, I was exhausted. So here’s what I decided to do. Mike had to go back to work, which is the nature of of his job quite often. We drove back to the farm so he could get stuck back in, and I went out to a quiet, relaxing lunch at one of our local faves The Full Moon.

Now I am rewatching the first season of Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I’ve seen the first two seasons before, but I’d lost touch with it recently. This show is so fun for me as an avid Disney fan. I am rather crazy for most things Disney. The story is captivating and the characters are so well written. Within the first three episodes, I was completely sucked in again.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Henry who believed a story…

Real life and fantasy. The mundane and the magical. Living in the moment and pure escapism. Life is a wonderful mix, isn’t it?

Meet you at the Kingdom.




Let Them Eat Cake

Day 283 in progressing toward meeting up with Mickey

Today’s plan was to get up, get ready and go back to work.  My doctor cleared me for four hour days this week.  It did feel good to get back to something more normal; however, the four hours really kicked my butt!  But I did it!!  Woo hoo!  First step on the way back.

Yesterday at church, we received new members.  These are people who attended several classes about what it means to be a Lutheran, and particularly what it means to be a member at our church St. James Lutheran Church.  It was so wonderful to see these four new families with eight kids between them joining the fold.

After the service, there was a reception for them with CAKE!  It was half chocolate and half vanilla, all frosted in vanilla.  When the pastor announced the reception with cake, I promptly turned to Mike (my Sweetie) and said, “I am having a piece of cake today.”  He burst out laughing.  He so can understand what I’ve been through, and what I continue to go through as I heal.  And how very good I’ve been in my eating.

When we left the sanctuary, I ran into a sweet, little, tow-headed four-year-old girl named Isabella.  She promptly turned to me and said in Cookie Monster‘s voice, “There is cake!  I want cake!”  Isabella’s mother got her a piece of cake, and she settled down at a table to indulge.  As she ate she kept saying, again in a Cookie Monster voice, “Nom, nom, nom, CAKE!”  Then she would chat with me for a little bit.  Then she would say, “I want more cake!” and dive back in to her piece of cake.

I had to laugh.  Here was the personification about how I feel about cake, particularly white or yellow bakery cake with extremely sweet frosting.  I have had this love affair with cake since I was a very little girl, even younger than Isabella.  Yesterday, I ate four bites of my piece of cake and gave Mike the remaining four bites .  It was so delicious, and I enjoyed every bite as I watched Isabella savor her piece.  Then I walked away and didn’t look back.  I immediately went into cold-turkey mode and left sugar behind again.  People, this is huge!  I have never walked away from my piece of cake.  It’s just too tasty; I just like it too much.  It felt good to walk away and not let the cake decide how much I should eat.  I decided: four bites and out!  This is a mini-miracle for me.  Thank you, Jesus!

Today is my dear friend Jean’s birthday.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday, dear Jeanzie!  Happy birthday to you…and many more!  I love you, Girl!  I hope you have cake.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!