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Life’s Pendulum Swings

There are only eighteen days now until I head south from Illinois to Florida and Walt Disney World.

Well, Friends, we are in the fire. Mike (my loving man) has a theory that life is a pendulum swinging back and forth, so that the highs in our lives are balanced by the lows in our lives. This Disney trip is a dream coming true, so if Mike’s theory is correct, then there is probably a nightmare to balance it out. There may be something to his theory.

Last night Mike’s boss passed away. He lost his battle with cancer¬†even though he had fought valiantly. We are deeply moved and saddened at his passing. He and his family have been great friends and benefactors to our family. Mike has worked very closely with him, so he will feel this most deeply of all. I pray that God will comfort Mr. B’s family in this time of mourning.

Now just this morning we heard that Mike’s sister was rushed to the hospital with some health issues. She is in our prayers. We believe in a God of miracles. He who created this universe cares about each cell in our bodies. I pray for healing for Mike’s sister. I pray for wisdom and competence in those who care for her. I pray for peace for her and the family.

So, it’s been quite a 24 hours here in Lake Bluff. But we remain ever in God’s hands, believing in His mercy. We know that nothing can happen to us that He does not allow, and all things work to the good for those who love Him.

Peace to you and yours, Dear Readers. Meet me at the Kingdom.




Countdown to Ida

In less than two weeks, Mike and I will be in England with Emi and James and, oh be still my heart, little Ida. We have not been in the same room with them for seven months, half of Ida’s lifetime.

I know it’s not unusual to only see one’s grown children once or twice a year when they live a distance away. I have friends here in Chicagoland, who only get to visit with their son and his family living in California once a year. We only saw Jake once or twice a year when he lived in California. I understand that. I don’t feel sorry for myself that the distance is so great; I am just determined to enjoy every minute that we have together when we are together.

When our children were born, Mike and I dedicated them to God and asked that he would lead them and guide their steps. That he would use them to further his kingdom in whatever way he saw fit. It’s been interesting to watch that happen. It was quite amazing to see how independent they became. At one point Jake lived in West Hollywood, CA, and Emi lived in York, England. Both were pursuing dreams and taking on life with both fists. Both have benefited greatly from their experiences. God most certainly was with them each step of the way. When you live out there on the raggedy edge, your faith grows. You learn to rely on God, because sometimes he is literally your only option. Both to this day exhibit great faith.

Anyway…all of this to say, I am looking forward to some quality time with Emi, James and Ida. I pray that God will guide us and bless this journey and visit. There’s so much I want to remember to share with the baby:

  1. Mike’s family’s knee bouncy tune: “Ta tee, ta toolun tilloon, ta toolun tilloon, ta la la lay…”
  2. The song that my Finnish grandfather taught me when I was just a young girl: “I know three little sisters. I think you know them, too, for one is red, one is white and the other one is blue…”
  3. The magic trick my English mother taught me, “Two little dickey birds sitting on a hill, one named Jack and one named Jill…”
  4. One of my favorite children’s books, “There’s a Nightmare in My Cupboard.”

So much fun, so little time. ūüôā So, Dear Lord, please bless this journey, and help us to live each day to its fullest. Let us all cherish our time together, and when it comes time to return, let us all look forward to the next time we can visit. Thank you, Lord, because we know you go before us. In Christ’s name, Amen.

Peace out, Dear Readers, God bless your day.


A Miracle

Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome back! I want to share something that happened to me several years ago. On a spring day, I attended a half-day women’s retreat at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. If you’ve not been to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, it is a lush, green, stunningly beautiful place to walk and wander amid the scent of the flowers and plants surrounding you. I highly recommend it as a place of quiet meditation, or as a place to contemplate nature at its manicured finest!

Anyway…about a dozen women met there at 9:00 am. We chatted together for a bit then were sent off to write down our thoughts in several areas of the Gardens.¬† We met back at 10:00 am and then again at 11:00 am to share our thoughts. Then we met at noon in the cafeteria for lunch and wrap-up.

At one point in the morning, we were sent off to find a quiet place to to sit and pray and then to pick a question out of our retreat booklet to answer.¬† I chose: “What type of a plant are you.” I thought, “What is this Barbara Walters?” It was one of her favorite questions when interviewing celebrities. (Actually it was, “What kind of a tree are you?”) Here is what I wrote after my prayer time:

“In the precious garden where God’s human’s handiwork is seen, where do you see you? Are you the prairie grass standing tall, stretching up and up to praise God and feel the warmth of the Son? Do you bend gently with the wind in joy at your freedom? Do you bend sharply in the bluster of winter?”

“Who are you?”

“Are you the willow, long and slender, reaching up for the heavens, then dropping down to caress the waters of the earth? Do you dance and sway to nature’s music?”

“What, in nature, are you?”

“Are you the rose, vermillion in your beauty and splendor? Do you bloom under God’s watchful eye, pleasing those around you and hiding your prickles in shadows?”

“Me? I am the English Oak. Solid…sturdy…stocky. Yes, I bend with the wind, I, too, dance and sway for my creator. But my roots go down deep. My roots grow down, down, down into the solid packed earth, gripping rocks and soil to stay rooted. Rooted in God’s Word.”

“In God’s garden, there is room for all. Each of us on our own path, yet each of us is designed as part of one plan. Too small and busy are we to see the whole garden, but we can believe the One who holds the whole garden in his hands.”

That’s it, and believe it now more than ever. If we are just content to bloom where we are planted and then trust God for the rest, we live our lives in perfect peace. I am where I am because of God’s plan and my own choices.¬† And right here and right now God can use me for his purposes.¬† And wants to use me AND you, too.

And here’s the miracle: when we gathered back to share which question we had chosen the ladies read, one by one, the question they had chosen and their thoughts and meditations. When it came to my turn, I kept flipping back and forth to find the question that I had answered. (“What type of a plant are you?”) Hmmm…even though I had read and reread that¬† question many times in my meditation, it was nowhere to be found in the retreat booklet. God let me see the question that I needed to answer. I am still humbled and in awe of this simple gift God gave to me on that morning. God is good!

Blessings, my peeps.


PS: I rejoined the Rec Center and plan to meet my friend Joan there three days a week to walk.¬† I know I could step out my door and walk, but with the heat of summer and the poor walking condition that I am in, the Rec Center is a better option.¬† I can do a lap and then sit to recover, then walk another lap, sit to recover, etc… Also I have started planning better meals and cooking with purpose again. And on Saturday I will make my first Indian dish, “Indian Chicken Curry-Quick and Easy” recipe by Veruca Spice. Check out the website at http://www.verucaspice.com. Really good stuff for expanding the palate!

What a Pollyanna!

Day 282 in my attitude adjustment, as I try to grow, while I wait to meet up with Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom in October

Today my plan was to get up and go to church. I planned to open my heart to whatever God had for me there; whatever healing, whatever mercy, whatever message, whatever.  I went; God showed up, as he promises to do every time.  I am feeling blessed.

I want to share a saying I saw on FaceBook and Pinterest today: “I really just want to be the warm yellow light that pours out all over everyone I love.” ¬†It is credited to Melissa Garcia from her Pinterest site called Quotes and Things. ¬†Check it out.¬†¬†I looked at her¬†Pinterest site¬†for 20 seconds and I was hooked. ¬†I am now a follower.

“I really just want to be the warm yellow light that pours out all over everyone I love.” ¬†I love this! ¬†I hope and pray to be that for those I love. ¬†I have some GREAT examples in my life: my brother Gene and his lovely wife Patsy, my cousin Lyn, my daughter Emi, my friend Shelly and many more. They have a gift for seeing the positive side of things, of seeing the good beyond the bad. ¬†They are real silver lining, glass half-full people in my life and I am so grateful for them!

I know there are those who would say, “What a Pollyanna attitude! ¬†What a bunch of Pollyannas!” ¬†Have you every seen the Disney movie, Pollyanna? ¬†It’s such a great portrait of what a positive attitude can do in life. ¬†Here’s what Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has to say about it: “A young girl comes to an embittered town and confronts its attitude with her determination to see the best in life.” ¬†Holy wah! ¬†Is that cool, or what? ¬†The movie has a great cast including:¬†Hayley Mills,¬†Jane Wyman¬†and¬†Richard Egan. ¬†Check it out, if you can find it. ¬†I love it, and will watch it again soon.

So I have decided to own being a Pollyanna.  I am going to revel in it.  I am going to wallow in it.  From now on, I choose to believe the best about people and about situations.  God can use every person and every situation to His glory.  I claim it, and I believe it.

Jump on this bandwagon with me, dear readers. ¬†Let’s let God be the light that shines through us to others. ¬†Woop woop!

Meet you at the Kingdom!