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Leading the Charge

Day 347 in changing my ways on the road to meeting Mickey

Today’s plan was to lead the discussion at book club tonight.  The book we are reading is Get Out of that Pit by Beth Moore.  What an interesting book this is turning out to be.  The titles of this week’s chapters were: (1) Sliding into a Pit and (2) Stepping into a Pit.  Sliding into a pit can sneak up on you.  Your intentions may be completely well meaning, but before you know it you’re in a bottom of a pit.  But stepping into a pit, is different, because you have full knowledge of the pit and still choose to step into it.  “Motive is HUGE with God.  So is character.  Especially HIS character which we are created to emulate.”  When we make wrong choices, are we mocking God?  Heavy stuff to contemplate.  I am loving this book and this book group!

Remember not so long ago, I wouldn’t have joined a book club much less led one.  I would have chosen to sit at home hoarding and eating sweets, and sitting on my backside in front of the TV.  This is progress, and I thank God for every bit of it.  “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” Praise God!

Meet you at the Kingdom!