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Tasks and Chilling

Day 192 in my ambling toward the Magic Kingdom to meet up with Mickey (7 months and 27 days to go)

There is nothing quite as delightful as sleeping in on a Monday morning of vacation.  I had that pleasure this morning.

Today’s plan is to take care of business and to thoroughly enjoy NOT going out into the cold day.

Shower…check.  Breakfast…check.  Write bills for the month…check.  Relax and watch a Disney movie with  a sugar-free pumpkin flavored coffee…check.  (I watched Bears on one of the movie channels.  So  good!)  What a blissful day!  Still to come: get our 2014 taxes together, do some laundry, and prepare a delicious, nutritious dinner for my man and me.  Oh, yeah, and one more cup of piping-hot coffee in front of the TV with my feet up.  (Take that , sore toe!)

Meet you at the Kingdom!