Earth Day 2019 and Disney Plans

Hiya all,

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate Mike and I will eat meat-free today.  Our dinner will be Spring Veggie Shepherd’s Pie with Cheddar Mashed Potato Topping from Dinnerly. We changed our food delivery to Dinnerly because we still get three dinners, but for only $5 per serving. The food is delicious, and we still get to cook together. The veggies included in the pie are: leeks, carrots, garlic, snap peas, and of course, mashed potatoes on top. Yum!

Our next Disney Vacation Club vacay is about 5 months away.  Mike and I have two nights scheduled at a resort in Maine in October.  With this reservation, we will only lose one unused Vacation Club point in 2019.  Should be fun.

Then we are looking toward March 2021, when we hope to meet up with the kids and grandkids at Disneyland Paris for 6 days/5 nights. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…  We make plans and God smiles, right?

That’s it for today, Friends. I hope you had a blessed Easter! Ours was a humdinger! He is risen indeed!!

Meet me at the Kingdom.



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