My Noom Life

Twenty-seven days and counting until we head for Florida and Walt Disney World. As the days creep forward, I become more and more convinced that I have GOT to do something to prepare myself for all the walking at WDW. Even using an Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV), I will still need to walk to and from bus stops, and to and from the EVC rental locations. So…I am spurred to make sure I am walking for 15-30 minutes straight each day until we vacay.

Also to that end, I joined Noom this week. Here’s part of what they say about themselves from their Facebook page:

We help people around the world enjoy healthier lives through better nutrition and exercise.
General Information
Noom Coach, Noom Health, Noom Walk, Noom CardioTrainer
It is a calorie based program broken into three categories: green foods, yellow foods and red foods. The categories are based on calorie density and/or highest concentrations of healthy nutrients. They are quick to explain that “red doesn’t mean bad and green doesn’t mean good. Red foods simply raise a red flag for foods that contain a lot of calories without filling you up.”
There is also an exercise portion of the program which I have been too sedentary to qualify for yet. But I am working (walking) toward qualifying.
Since my stroke a year ago last April I had lost 65+ pounds, but I have been stuck there, and had even gained 5+ pounds back. This is what prompted my choice to sign up for Noom. I really like that it is making me more aware of portion sizes, and of what I’m actually putting into my mouth. I’ve been on the program for a week now and have taken off five pounds. The absolute hardest part for me is weighing myself every day. Gosh! I hate that part! Hopefully, it is teaching me how our weight naturally fluctuates on a daily basis.
More on this as we go. Meet me at the Kingdom.
P.S. It is a glorious Fall day here in Lake Bluff today. Hooray!

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