Pixie Dust Delight

With 66 days to go until our Disney vacation, I worked on a little surprise for the grandkids. I just love a company called Pixie Dust Delivery Service. I have ordered Walt Disney World treats from them many times. I always receive the items in top shape and very quickly. So when I saw the ad below on the Pixie Dust Blog, I couldn’t resist ordering:

“Pixie Dust Delivery Service-It’s time to think FALL! Visiting WDW late August through October? I can deliver extra special HALLOWEEN Pixie Dust fit for any ghoul or boy! Everything is custom designed – from Jack and Sally, to the Haunted Mansion, to those dastardly Disney Villains, and even your favorite mice – the only limit is your imagination (or mine) 

Fun, right? So tonight I perused what is on offer and placed my request with Amy from Pixie Dust Delivery Service. She will put my order together and deliver it to Disney’s Old Key West Resort when we are there.

Happy Halloween, Dear Grandbabies!

Meet you at the Kingdom.




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