Catching My Breath

Day 433 in slowing down to meet Mickey

The Halloween Party last night was fantastic!! The parade, the Hocus Pocus stage show and the fireworks were more than I could have hoped for. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and managed to get on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in a 20 minute line at the end of the night. Plus I got to try a Candy Corn Ice Cream Cone. Very tasty and the cone was filled with candy corn. Such a Halloween treat. 

Today is a day away from the Disney parks. Jake and Eliza headed for Universal Studios and all the Harry Potter fun. Mike and I mooched around and took it pretty slow. We made ourselves lunch and dinner back in our villa. I feel mellow and stress free. 

Vacation is good. Come and meet me at the Kingdom!

BTW: Our prayers are with Jon and Julie in this time of trial. Love you both!  And a special nod to Bean and James. We’re lifting you up in prayer and missing you something fierce. xxoo


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