Magical Mayhem

Day 406 in fixing my mistakes on my way to meeting Mickey

Today I called Walt Disney World.  I few days back I tried to reserve a place for Mike and I on the Magical Express bus in December.  Even though I had put that there would be two of us taking the Magical Express to Disney’s All Star Sports Resort from Orlando International Airport and then back again three days later, by the time I finished online, they only had one person listed as riding the bus, and that person was Mike.   So I called and had a lovely visit with Danae (pronounced duh-nay).  She took a look and said that no reservation had been made.  Gee whiz!  Apparently I messed it up big time.  Danae got it all straightened out, and now we are reserved on the bus and all our flight information has been entered. Whew!  It sure doesn’t take much to mess things up.  So my advice? Always double check any reservations that you make online.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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