MagicBand Madcapness

Day 405 in exciting developments on my way to meeting up with Mickey

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles…our MagicBands arrived in the mail today. This is so exciting!!  We three girls are fashionable and extroverted in our choices: blue, yellow and red.  The three menfolk are more conservative: all three chose gray.  😆 But it just tickles my funny bone to look inside and see our names imprinted there. The trip is only 25 days away now. 25 days!!!  I get so excited thinking about it that I could just puke. 25 days from now we’ll be at Olivia’s Cafe enjoying our Unbirthday Dinner. We’ve been saving up for 2 years of birthdays for this. 

Dear Readers, the MagicBands have entered the building!  Can Walt Disney World be far now?  NO!

Meet you at the Kingdom!



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