Making Smart Choices

Day 370 in eating my way to a healthier me to meet up with Mickey (1 month and 28 days to go)

Today’s plan is to create my menu for the week, making it as heavily veggie centered as possible.  I need to pack in the water and veggies this week to try to purge all the salt I took in during our vacation.  We ate out and carried in a lot, and unfortunately, these types of foods have much more salt than I cook with at home.  I am bloated with water weight, and I am anxious to get rid of it.  I can feel it in my shoes and clothes.  Yuck!

So this week it’s back to fruits and veggies, lean proteins and complex carbs.  ( And I will stay sugar-free.)  And I really need to refocus on portions size.  It’s so easy to eat too much when you are given such large portions.   I will fill my dinner plate like this: half vegetables, one quarter meat (3 to 4 ounces), one quarter complex carbs (brown rice, quinoa, brown pasta or spinach pasta, rye bread, etc…)

Thank you for reading, Dear Friends and Family.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


6 thoughts on “Making Smart Choices”

  1. You know what to do. You know how you feel. Doing pretty good today. This is going to be hard getting use to. TT


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