Inhaling and Exhaling

Day 336 in inhaling my way to Mickey in October (3 months and 3 days to go)

Today I feel like a new woman.  This morning before I left for work, I used my rescue inhaler for the first time.  After completing the two suggested puffs, I sat back and breathed.  Oh, the luxury of oxygen really entering your lungs.  I started giggling like a school girl.  What a delightful feeling.  I worked with more energy than I’ve had, since before my surgery.  And I do believe I had more vim than I’ve had in perhaps years.  I am so grateful for modern medicine and for my doctor, Sandra Yoo.

I was starting to dial things back in my head in my plans for visiting Walt Disney World.  I have been so often exhausted of late.  So often shaky and wheezing whenever I tried to do any little thing.  Now I have a renewed outlook.  I will take some time now; time to adjust to this new energy,  And I will plan my Disney days very carefully.  Maybe only half a day in a park and then time for R&R each day at Old Key West.  Sounds pretty good.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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