Disney Dreaming

Day 317 in Disney dreaming on my way to Mickey

I am a Disney fan!  I am a Disneyphile. I love me some Disney. Especially, but not limited to Walt Disney World. Here is how I know:

  1. I dream about Disney World. Sometimes it comes in the form of memories of past trips. But mostly I dream about random visits there. Just last week I dreamed I was there with my mom. We had such a great time seeing the shows and laughing together. 😆
  2. Even though Mike and I had never had any thoughts about timeshare ownership, we fell hard for Disney Vacation Club. Our home resort is Old Key West and it  has become our home away from home. I am so excited that we will go there in October. 🎃
  3. I start planning for our next Disney trip while flying home from a Disney trip. Otherwise it’s just too sad. ✈️
  4. I light up like a Christmas tree when someone gifts me a Disney present. 🎄
  5. And speaking of Christmas trees, mine is covered in Disney princesses. 😍
  6. I get so excited for the BIG DATES that come up before a trip, that I do not sleep. The day I can book Old Key West (11 months before we check in), the day I can book dining reservations (180 days out), the day I can book any special ticket events (like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween- dates vary), the day I can book Fastpasses (60 days out). 📅
  7. I get all excited when someone agrees to watch a Disney movie with me. 🎥

And that’s just off the top of my head. Walt Disney World is my Happy Place. Just thinking about being there makes me relax and smile. 

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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