To Gasp or Not to Gasp

Day 305 in trudging my way to meeting Mickey

Today’s plan was to be as physical as possible at work today, but to take it slowly.  I had a bit more energy this morning, so I headed up to the farm sauna to shower.  This was the first time I did it all by myself.  And hallelujah, I did just fine.  No dizziness, no gasping for air.

At church I made sure to get up and walk every hour today.  Then, because I am only allowed to lift ten pounds at a time, I put a two case paper order away one ream at a time.  That meant twenty separate trip from the paper boxes to the paper cupboard.  I was a little winded when I finished, but not too bad.

It still freaks me out when I end up gasping for air, after some physical output.  It happened after church last Sunday.  So I am very pleased that taking my time and not overdoing it meant no gasping for air today.

More tomorrow, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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