A Perfectly Wonderful Day

Day 302 in my quest to meet up with Mickey

Today my plan is to enjoy every minute of this day. I started out my day with leftover coconut pancakes (see yesterday’s post) and a hard boiled egg. It was so tasty that I felt pampered. Then I went to the sauna to shower. Next I sat in my screened in porch and read for an hour while I enjoyed a cup of coffee. What a lovely morning!

Here’s the plan for the rest of the day:

  1. Go to Mailboxes Etc… And mail some of Emi’s old belongings to her home in England. 
  2. Do 20 minutes of Tai Chi to unwind more. 
  3. Finish sorting through my shoes and purging those I don’t use anymore. 
  4. Start purging old clothes. 
  5. Meet the fam at Red Robin for dinner at 5:15. 
  6. Go to see Melissa McCarthy in Spy at 7:00. 
  7. Then chill at home and watch Mockingjay Part 1, because Emi hasn’t seen it yet. 

That’s my day, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. 😇😘

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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