Mischief Sort of Getting Managed

Day 297 in moving forward toward the next phase in my life, and toward meeting up with Mickey

Today’s plans were to arrange for high speed internet at my home and to cancel my land line, to start investigating what I must do to begin the process of retirement, and to HUG MY DAUGHTER.

  1. Our internet speed is pathetic!  Our land line is basically useless, because we only get sales calls on it.  Anyone who knows us well calls our cell phones.   So today I cancelled our landline, and with that extra money I arranged to boost our internet speed.  This will be so handy when I am researching for writing in retirement.
  2.   I contacted my retirement advisor and began a conversation on getting things in place, so I can retire this December when I turn 60.  I hope to continue my health insurance at least until Medicare kicks in, and it seems like it won’t be too expensive.  Also I need to investigate, when my retirement account pay out will begin and what to do with my life insurance policy, as I have a longer-standing policy elsewhere.
  3. THE EMI HAS LANDED!!!!  My daughter is here from Bristol, England.  Woo hoo!  I gotta go and be with her.  #smileyface

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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