He Is Risen Indeed!

Day 240 in my pilgrimage to meet Mickey

Hallelujah!  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Today’s plan was to go to church and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!  And I did.  It was a beautiful worship service with praise music, both traditional hymns and contemporary songs.  The sermon was so inspirational.  And there truly is nothing like communing with the family of God.  What a blessed service!

Then we had lunch at our daughter-in-law’s grandfather’s home.  There were nine of us all together, and as a special treat one of Mike’s sisters (Joan) was here to celebrate, too.  We had a delicious meal and thought provoking conversation.

Now tonight I look forward to watching The Bible, A.D.  It is so satisfying to get to focus on this amazing true story.

May you have a blessed Easter.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


2 thoughts on “He Is Risen Indeed!”

  1. Had a wonderful Easter here too… He is risen indeed!
    Heading out in the am to see Mickey for a week at WDW…we’ve planned a little divine purpose into our trip. It has to do with you and your battle against cancer. Every ride we go on will begin with us lifting you up in prayer;
    strength, healing, and joy in Jesus name.
    When we see the Mouse in black, we’ll let him know you all are coming in October!

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