Taking Time to Unwind

Day 239 in my ambling toward the Magic Kingdom and Mickey         (6 months and 9 days to go)

Well, I went all out yesterday and got my hair cut, treated myself to lunch AND had a manicure.

  1. Marina at JC Penney’s Styling Salon washed and trimmed my hair.  Isn’t it amazing how a haircut can make you feel like a new woman?  It was wonderful pampering.  As I was paying, I noticed they were selling nail polish themed on the new live-action Cinderella.  I bought “Ella of a Girl” which is a light pink and “Watch your Step, Sister” which is a darker pink.  Very Disney and very fun.
  2. Next it was lunch at “On the Border.”  They have a delicious “Tex Mex Cobb” salad.  Yum!  I wanna go back for a repeat!
  3. Finally I went to “Graphic Nails” and had the manicurist put “Ella of a Girl.” on my nails.

**Sigh**  It was a great day of pure pampering.

Today’s plan?  My plan today is to not have a plan for a change.  Just rest up and enjoy my day.  Just me, Kitty and some Disney TV.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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