Back To It

Day 219 in my planning to meet up with Mickey in October (6 months and 28 days to go)

Today’s plan: make a menu for the week, make a grocery list for the week, go grocery shopping, deliver a dinner to a friend who recently had surgery, go out to a belated birthday dinner with the kids.

  1. menu-check
  2. grocery list-check
  3. grocery shopping-check
  4. deliver dinner-called to make arrangements and was told they do not need our dinner tonight, as their daughter (her husband, and child) is coming up to visit and bringing dinner
  5. belated birthday dinner withe the kids-yet to come

I am feeling much better than I have the last couple of days.  My energy level is better and the cramping and bleeding have subsided.  Whew!  So now it’s back to normal, until the next step is revealed.  God is good all the time!

Meet you at the Kingdom!



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