Using Benefits

Day 196 in my march toward Mickey

Today’s plan was once again to take care of business.  Mike needed to be registered at Portico, our health care portal online.  While he was home for lunch today, he called them and got his member ID and a sign-up pin.  Then we went to work.  We got him registered, and then he took a health assessment.  This automatically earned us $150 on a heath care credit card.  Now he will embark on a 10 week endeavor of recording his exercise.  When he completes the 10 weeks, he’ll have earned another $350 on the health care credit card.  What a gift this part of our benefits is!

I took the health assessment test last week.  And I am deciding what to take on next.  (1) a 6 week meditation route or (2) a 10 week recording of exercise OR 10 weeks of a food diary.  Decisions…decisions.  I am pondering my choice.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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