Survival of the Less Than Fittest?

Day 195 in my fight to stay alive to meet up with Mickey

Survival of the fittest.  It’s a reality in the wild, right?  Those in the best shape survive; those less fit are devoured or meet their demise in some fashion.  As an aging, obese woman, with some health issues, I come down on the losing side of the battle.  I’m NOT the fittest.  So my plan for today is to survive.  We are in the throes of the coldest February 19 in recorded history here in the Chicago area.  Our high temperature today is expected to be 4 degrees, our overnight low was 8 degrees below zero.  Both of those figures are record breaking for February 19th in this area.  Wind chills brought it into the 20’s below last night.  That’s why my plan for today is to survive to fight to become a healthier me another day.

I can just hear my Yooper friends and family saying, “Cry me a river.  It’s in the 40’s below here.”  And they’re right.  I know it’s worse north of here.  I know it’s even colder than that in Canada.  But I’m still shivering, and I won’t stop until the temps start to climb.  (BTW: shivering is exercise, right?)

So am I dreaming about Walt Disney World today?  You betcha!  Even though it’s only in the 50’s there, it still sounds like paradise to me.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


4 thoughts on “Survival of the Less Than Fittest?”

  1. I should be the skinniest person around then if shivering is exercise. I have been shivering all winter. -20 this morning when I had to go out with poor shylo. I wish I could train her to go in the tub. Would gladly clean that any day then going out in this frigid weather. love ya stay Warm. You will see Mickey. I am ready to move to Florida permanently.

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