Just Worn Out

Day 175 in my crawl toward meeting up with Mickey

Today’s plan was to take care of business.  I am a bit fried and very mentally exhausted after having been at the church for the last eleven days in a row.  I worked last Monday through Friday, sang at a funeral on Saturday, attended worship and the annual financial meeting on Sunday, then worked Monday through Thursday, and went back Thursday night for a rehearsal.  I needed a day away, and I got it today.  Now don’t get me wrong; I love my job and am very grateful for it.  But I find that I do need one day a week to not be there.

So today I was at home most of the day taking care of personal business.  Much needed!  I will do more of the same tomorrow.  I find my motivation to stay on course flagging, and I really believe that it is because I am genuinely worn out.  So I will rest up and rejuvenate one more day, then I will get back to it.

Don’t give up on me, dear readers.  I haven’t.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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