Life Gets in the Way

Day 167 in my planning to be healthier when I meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom (8 months and 21 days to go)

Confession time: I have not been very active lately.  I have been sitting through most of my day at work; then I have been going home and sitting to watch TV.  I blame it on the January blahs.  The skies have been gray for days, the weather cold and damp, and worst of all Christmas is over.  I know.  I can just hear you saying, “Get over it!”  Believe me, I’ve said it to myself over and over again.

Now here’s the conundrum: if I was exercising, I would feel better about all if this (exercise is an instant mood exhancer) AND I would be using the best tool possible to fight the stress at work.  Doh!  Can you say, “sabotage?’

My plan for the day was to be more active.  Every hour I wanted to get up and move around for five minutes, just to keep the blood pumping.  And if any opportunities came up to pitch in and get physical to help anyone out, I wanted to be on board.

I did OK with getting up and moving for a bit every hour.  But there came a huge opportunity to help out three people who were setting up the Fellowship Hall at church for a funeral luncheon on Saturday.  I wanted to be there.  I wanted to grab that job and run with it.  However, my plate was very full at work today.  I had to:

  1. finish and run Sunday’s bulletins and announcements, and then stuff the announcements into the bulletins
  2. finish and print 250 funeral bulletins
  3. finish and print the February newsletter, stuff the newsletter with two inserts, fold the newsletters and seal them with tape
  4. label the newsletter and prepare for mailing.

So today, life got in the way of my plan.  I’ve heard it said, “God laughs when we make plans.”  I think he may have had a chuckle today at my expense.  As tough as that is to take, I kind of like the idea of making God smile.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!



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